A Celebration of Diversity and the Power of Cultural Heritage


BMT x BWT presents Proud To Be was created to inspire young people everywhere to celebrate their cultural heritage and strive for greatness.

Being proud of your roots and the unique qualities you bring to the world are crucial to forming a positive self-image and tapping into your true potential.

Let our spoken word artists inspire you, access the learning resources and then upload your very own Proud To Be creations right here. Want us to deliver a session to your young people? Contact us and let’s make it happen!

British Land has partnered with us as part of its commitment to support initiatives that benefit the communities around its key managed properties in the UK. Through the provision of access to opportunities for local youth, we strive to achieve common goals and make the greatest positive impact.  

This project designs fun, educational and cultural resources for secondary school students with spoken word workshops and a series of school sharing assemblies. Now more than ever we need to tackle inequality and ensure young people are proud of their cultural identity and the unique qualities they bring to a diverse and inclusive society.

It is so important we celebrate our heritage, personal pride and feel a sense of being a part of society. Belonging and connection to place is at the heart of our place-based approach and social sustainability strategy.

Fusnara Begum 
Community Manager

British Land


Meet our spoken word artists and discover their Proud To Be stories.


Chloe Carterr – Proud To Be

Big Scoop – My Island

Jayda David – Small Small Island


Chloe Carterr interview

Big Scoop interview

Jayda David interview


Download your Proud To Be poetry templates, profiles on influencers and countries, colouring pages and lessons plans to help spark your creativity.

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